My Story

Ryan created his company in 2017 with a clear understanding of the type of brand that would appeal to the customer and retail outlets, and was keen to meet seasonal demand locally, via cruise ships in Liverpool.

Pocket squares are synonymous with fashion. Whilst historically they were worn by the upper class as a demonstration of wealth and status, they are now synonymous with confidence and professionalism. Men are increasingly taking great pride in their appearance, and Ryan seized this opportunity to design distinctive prints which were reproduced on luxurious silk pocket squares.

In 2018 Ryan took his designs to his first fashion show at Pure London. He launched bespoke kaftans for the summer which were hugely popular in Dubai, so much so that Ryan was unable to keep up with demand.

It was a natural progression for Ryan to branch into prints, with his degree and expertise in printing.

Ryan has worked with Philip Armstrong, The Palm House, Liverpool County Council and the Open Door Charity, for which he designed a bespoke print for the Owen Drew Masquerade Ball.

His prints are available in independent retail outlets throughout Liverpool, as well as The Tate Modern.

Ryan’s collections encapsulate a different print for every personality.

“Everything begins in the heart and mind. Every great achievement began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe what was possible.”