Beauty Within Liverpool Candle No3



John Lennon / Penny Lane

– English Oak & Hazelnut –

A rich woody fragrance opening with fresh lemon notes scattered with green leafy notes leading to a light nutty heart of translucent jasmine and hazelnut with hints of cypress and amber with a woodland trail of cedarwood, oakwood, patchouli and smoothed with powdery musks.

It has been an honour for me to work with Penny Lane Trust Foundation. Working alongside Julie, we discussed how to take the best features from their beautiful wall memorial and Laura Lian’s John Lennon statue. By drawing them together, I wanted to produce an unique and distinctive print which would capture their essence.
Recognising how close John Lennon‘s 80th birthday is to people’s hearts, in Liverpool and across the whole world, it felt important to create something commemorative but joyful which celebrates his life. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with this wonderful Penny Lane charity.

– Free postage –

100% natural vegan soy wax

Cruelty free

Burn time: 45 hours

77 mm Height: 90 mm

Handmade in England

Candle comes gift boxed ( Recycled Materials )

Wood wicks are an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks. Not only do wood wicks burn cleanly and disperse fragrance excellently, they also generate subtle crackle sounds, creating a captivating acoustic ambiance. The soothing crackling sounds of wood wicks bring a whole new sensory delight to your candles. Our wood wicks are made from Maple.